What can we help you with?

Your account is inactive
You have registered directly on the AmiCare website, or perhaps the medical secretary has already created an account for you.

In this case, when you created your account, you received a registration confirmation email with your username and password, as well as a button to a link to activate your account. Remember to check your spam.

Click on this button to validate the registration, you will then be able to connect to your account.

Forgot your password
In the 'Log in' page, click on 'Forgot your password' after entering the email address you used to create your account.

Be patient, you will receive a new password by email in the next few minutes. Remember to check your spam.

Your password does not work
Be careful to copy the provided password respecting the case (be careful with 'O' and zero '0', upper case 'I' and lower case 'l', ...).

Please use the last password that was sent to you, if you have triggered multiple password recoveries.

You want to change your password
Once logged in, you can change your password in the 'My Account' section. Delete the '***' characters and enter your new password. Save your password.

(The number of '*' does not indicate the number of characters in your current password).

You cannot browse your space
You must validate the RGPD at the bottom of the 'Before you continue...' page before you can navigate your space.

You wish to cancel an appointment
Log in to your space, then click on the 'My appointments' section. Select the desired appointment, and cancel or reschedule your appointment.

It is not necessary to reply to the confirmation email, it is an automatic email. Your email will not be processed or transmitted to the institution.

Not all appointments can be cancelled online: Some practitioners set a minimum number of days before an appointment to be able to cancel it from AmiCare. If you wish to contact the practitioner or his secretary, do not hesitate to find his contact information from his AmiCare file.

You are unable to retrieve a document sent by your practitioner or his secretary
You have received an email informing you that a document is available on your AmiCare space.

Log in and click on the 'My documents' section. You can open the pdf or download the document. Depending on your browser and its settings, the document may download automatically.

Example: on Firefox, a blue arrow in the upper right corner means that your document is downloaded. Click on it. On Chrome and Internet Explorer, a message appears at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to open all the documents that the secretariat or the practitioner has sent you.

Under no circumstances will the documents be sent as email attachments, for security reasons and to protect the confidentiality of your medical data.

Your documents no longer appear in the list or you no longer see your documents
The storage period of the documents is fixed at 6 months from the date of adding the document on your AmiCare space. After this period, the documents will no longer appear in your space and will be stored in a dedicated archive space.

For more comfort, the 'Premium' subscription allows access to the long-term archiving space. The documents stored in this way will be visible in the 'My documents' section of your patient area.

For more information, visit the 'Shop' section of your AmiCare space.

Privacy, storage and security of your data
The data are hosted by an approved HDS (Health Data Hosting) provider, under contract with ÆGLÉ.

All data on the AmiCare platform remains the full property of the medical institutions.

For more information, see Privacy Policy.

What does the AmiCare Premium Offer include?
The Premium Offer allows you to store your medical documents for an unlimited time.

You can also transfer these documents from your AmiCare space directly to your non-member practitioners.

The Premium Offer also allows you to be informed in priority when an appointment becomes available for your practitioners following the withdrawal of other patients. You will be the first to receive an alert allowing you to book the new appointment.

For more information, visit the 'Shop' section of your AmiCare space.

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