The AmiCare solution
AmiCare is a platform of web and mobile services facilitating the exchange of information between institutions, healthcare professionals and patients.

A true link between the city and the hospital, AmiCare offers healthcare institutions functionalities adapted to current technology and uses, and thus ensures the continuity of the HIS towards the web and the mobile.

AmiCare is referenced by the GCS UniHA, Digital Health Network, for its online appointment booking functionality.


An adapted offer
to your needs
A web platform with dedicated spaces:
  • Doctors and health professionals
  • Health establishments
  • Patients

2 mobile apps:
  • AmiCare S dedicated to physicians and healthcare professionals
  • AmiCare dedicated to patients

These applications exist on Android and iOS and are available for free on App Store and Google Play
AmiCare S

app ios app android


app ios app android
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The safety of your data
is our priority
The data is stored in France by our partner ITS INTEGRA, a French company approved HDS (Health Data Host).
The data set on the AmiCare platform remains the full property of the medical institutions.
A partnership for the
follow-up at home
- agreement with HiNounou, a company that designs a digital health platform for the prevention of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, etc.) thanks to a range of connected objects that enable the monitoring and surveillance of at-risk individuals at home.

ÆGLÉ China has been working for many years with the company Hinounou based in Shanghai. This partnership is made in a medical approach of follow-up at home under the responsibility of a public or private health establishment; within the framework of hospitalization at home for example.
With the help of our health solutions, we implement the return and consolidation of information from the patient at home to the health professionals in the institutions.
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About ÆGLÉ

ÆGLÉ is a French publisher specialized in healthcare for more than 30 years.
The company develops business software solutions for public and private medical institutions, medical and paramedical health structures in France and abroad.

ÆGLÉ provides care structures with a tool to communicate and exchange with their patients.
It is only responsible for transmitting data (appointments, documents, messages, etc.) between a health care provider (institution/professional) and a patient.
The company has also been operating in China since 2011 with a subsidiary based in Shanghai.

Committed to a quality approach since 2004, ÆGLÉ is certified ISO 9001: 2015.
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